Branding Projects

Brand styling is my love and expertise. With my 4 phase branding package I can guarantee that you will end up with a brand that not only you love, but attracts the customers you want, and rightly positions you or your business according to your goals.

This process takes normally 3 weeks and it involves:

  • An in depth questionnaire about your business and where you want to go

  • 3 concepts in the form of moodboards to start a visual dialogue between us so I can get to know your tastes better and what start to bring to life what you’re envisioning for your brand

  • 3 logo designs following your moodboard feedback with 2 revisions on your chosen one

  • And finally a brand style guide with all the files you need in order to keep all your brand materials going forward consistent and beautiful.

Website Projects

When we have your Brand created, you are are ready to do the photo-shoot. The photo-shoot is very important to transmit your image and confidence to your business and to your clients. All that will then be harmoniously glowing on your website.

This process takes normally 1 week and it involes:

  • Client providing a final copy and photos or hight quality videos

  • Design process & refinement

  • Design delivered to client and visual direction approval by client

  • Website development tests

  • Final website delivered to client for final approval

Social Media Management

In this day and age, as solopreneurs grow their business, one of the most common things I see is their social media marketing being left behind as they are focused on other things, like their clients for example.

But now imagine how many more leads you could have with a great social media manager who can design your posts, schedule them and you just sit back and focus on what you’re great at?

For social media management I offer a monthly retainer flexible to your needs depending on the frequency of posts, engagement, and platforms you want to be on.

E-Book Design

Want a beautiful opt-in to capture more leads? Whether it’s an ebook or a fillable PDF, I can bring that to life beautifully inline with your brand.

With 2 years of experience of working for a magazine, inDesign is like a second home for me. Give me your vision, content and ebook size and I’ll take care of the rest.

Photo Editing

Got your photos from your photographer but want to get more for your buck?

With my photoshop skills I can not only make you look beautiful, but also extend backgrounds for website headers, change the colors of your clothes to match your brand and even place you in different backgrounds for different marketing purposes.